ADA Website Accessibility Checklist

PURPOSE OF THIS CHECKLIST: This checklist is designed for use in conducting a preliminary assessment of the accessibility of your agency’s website. The goal is to review your website and your agency’s website policies and procedures and see if there are red flags alerting you to ADA accessibility concerns.

MATERIALS AND INFORMATION NEEDED: To assess the accessibility of your website you will need:

  • If already created, a copy of your Website Accessibility Policy.
  • Information describing specific actions taken to make your existing website accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Information about website accessibility training taken by staff and/or contractors responsible for developing and posting webpages and content.
  • Information about any procedures used to obtain input from people with disabilities regarding the accessibility of your website.
  • Any input provided by people with disabilities about their experiences accessing your website.
  • The assistance of your website manager.

Assessing Current Webpages and Content on Your Website

This section will help you determine if your website has some of the most common accessibility problems. It will not identify all website accessibility problems.

Optimize your website for ADA

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