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When people buy new homes they spend money on decorations, furniture, electronics, appliances and lawn and garden equipment. Our New Homeowners List is updated weekly!

New homeowners have many decisions to make. Usually, the first company they find who meets their needs often wins their business. This means that the quality of a new homeowner list depends almost entirely on the freshness of the data. This is where Rescue My Business truly shines. Every new homeowner list is verified daily and pulled the night before you receive it to ensure maximum freshness.

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, Rescue My Business

Connect with New Homeowners

The first few months of a new homeowner’s life are filled with tons of home-related purchases. They will typically spend over 3 times as much money during those first few months than they will over the next 2 years combined. Their immediate set of needs range from patio furniture to kitchen appliances, from gardening supplies to window shades, but it doesn’t stop there. This is also one of the few times in a consumer’s life where their brand loyalties are up for grabs. All bets are off when someone moves to a different area and must adjust their shopping behavior to accommodate their new situation. Every new homeowner needs to find a new grocery store, dentist, restaurant, hair salon… You name it!

New Escrow Mailing List selections include:

Home Sale Price

Home Value

Mortgage Amount

Date of Sale

Age of Home Buyer

Age of Home Buyer


Household Income

Seller Name

Buyer Name


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What We Do

We are in the top among lead generation companies, Our sales lead management CRM made us unique from others, as we are providing 100% verified social media leads along with B2B leads, Consumer leads, Website leads, Mailing leads and many more.

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Fully Functional CRM :

We Provide feature loaded CRM for all the needs that includes , Lead Management , Process Managements , Email Campaigns , SMS Campaigns , Click to Call , Call History , Sales Inbox , Invoices , Subscriptions , Sales Orders and Custom Apps for all needs.

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 Reach The Perfect Audience 

 When creating a email list choose from dozens of search selections as well as geographic information to target the right audience for your marketing and sales efforts.  All our emails are pre verified using our AI technology.

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 Save Time And Resources :

 RescueMyBusiness.net offers the most accurate data available, so you know you won’t be wasting your time and money chasing incorrect or incomplete leads. 

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 High Quality Verified Data:

 Our High Quality and verified database is perfect for any company looking to find and build new prospects .

This is what New Homeowners spend $$ on

According to a recent Scarborough USA+ Study, New Homeowners spent over $20 billion dollars on home improvements – ranging from furniture, appliance and electronic purchases to heavy remodeling projects.


99% of new homeowners spend money on Services such as new doctors, new beauty salons, new dentist, new mechanic, new dry cleaner, etc. in the first 30 days.


Around 60% of new homeowners spend money on Furniture within first six months on their new home

Window Coverings

57% of new homeowners spend money on Window Coverings in the first 30 days after buying their home.


52% of new homeowners spend money on Electronics in the first 30 days after buying their home.

Kitchen appliances

45% of new homeowners spend money on Appliances in the first 30 days after buying their home.


35% of new homeowners spend money on Bedding/Mattresses in the first 30 days after buying their home.