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Doral MArketing

You are planning to start a campaign to attract College-age students to look at Doral Lincoln for their first car. You start by adding a campaign on your website,
College students get $750 off when buy a car from us!


There are over 65 colleges in the state of Florida.  The goal is not only to market In the Miami area but to all the colleges.  Many students attending these colleges are from the Miami area.  Many other students may not live in Miami but will travel the distance to purchase the car from Doral Lincoln.


There are several different options to promoting this campaign,.

  1. Advertise on Social Media
  2. Use targeted data from the Rescue Database to create an email campaign
  3. Produce an SMS campaign using targeted data from Rescue Database



The Journey

This is not going to be your typical campaign.  The goal is for the potential customer to click the link on the Web, Social Media add, or email. Once they click the link, they will follow a predesigned journey that will guide them though the sales cycle.  


Once on the journey, the Rescue System will track and analyze their every move.
The journey will alter, based on their responses.


There are two main options for leads.


  1. Create Campaigns to attract leads
  2. Use Rescue My Business Data Base: With over 300 Million Consumers in our database, we help you to refine your leads by choosing from hundreds of different selection criteria. Rescue My Business offers the highest quality consumer mailing lists in the industry. Our account executives can help you refine your search criteria, tailor it to your specific marketing needs to reach your target market.
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