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Marketing Hub Features

The following are the different lead stages in our MarketingHub.

  • Raw leads: As the name says, these are the leads that are raw with an interest towards your product or service. All you know about them is their email address.

    Marketing Ready: These leads are the advanced version of Raw Leads. Marketing Ready leads have either signed up using a signup form or offline at events or trade shows.
    You have sufficient data about these leads to start campaigning them.

    Marketing Engaged: If your Marketing Ready leads respond to your campaigns, they become Marketing Engaged leads.

    Marketing Qualified: This is the most important stage in the lead life cycle. This is when you mark a lead as a potential buyer and qualify them.

    Sales Ready: After they are Marketing Qualified, they pass on to the sales department to begin the sales process. If the sales department accepts them as potential buyers based on their parameters, the leads are known as Sales Ready leads.

Qualify your leads the easy way!

Classify your leads into different stages based on their information and engagement and move them to their respective stages when they meet the criteria. This process helps you streamline your engagement strategy and makes it unique to each stage.

Numbers make a difference

Identify and nurture leads that convert.

Selling becomes easier when you know who to target. Assigning scores to your leads based on set criteria will help you pick the most promising leads, identify ones that need more nurturing, and get your sales team to close more deals in less time.

Score based on interactions.

See how your leads respond to your marketing—whether it’s an email, SMS, or social media campaign—by capturing their interactions. Add scores based on opens, clicks, and forwards, and follow up when needed.

Go beyond opens and click rates.

Take your campaign data to the next level to better understand your leads. Add and edit scores based on how a lead has interacted with your campaigns. You can also track them from your emails to website, see the pages they view, how often they visit a particular page, and more. Observe these trends, gather information about their interests, and score them accordingly.

Cater to everyone.

Every lead you interact with today can become a customer tomorrow. Make sure you know what they want from you, so you can nurture them. Plan a lead-nurturing series based on the scores you’ve assigned to them and introduce your product in a way that ensures they choose you.

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