Announcement Mobile First is
Now Law of the Internet!

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Who does this affect?Everyone who owns a website. Everyone depends on  Search Engines to find their website.
When does this Change Happen? NOW!

How does this affect the website owner? Google no longer indexes by Desktop it only Indexes by Mobile (Mobile First)

Up until now, websites were designed for desktop, and then a smaller version of the desktop was used for Mobile. Now it is the opposite!

What about my old indexing will I lose it? Yes
What about my Google pictures and stories? They will be discarded.
Phone Services

John Mueller, Google’s executive VP of search product development, advises website owners that making their sites Responsive (coded to look good on a mobile phone or tablet) doesn’t mean they are ready for Mobile-First indexing.

Google considers several factors beyond whether the site is mobile responsive before deciding whether to add it to the mobile-first index.

Google said a site may not qualify for a mobile-first index if it fails to meet additional criteria, even if it is designed for mobile.

, Mobile First
, Mobile First

Missed Opportunities

Google announced in September 2020 that the dramatic change would happen by May 2021. Webmasters had that time to get in touch with their customers and to carry out the necessary changes.

Making your website compliant with Google’s new algorithm is not easy and requires advanced skills in programming and analytics.

In case you are reading this and have not prepared your website for Mobile-First, you are in trouble.

Your competition is adjusting their sites to take your position in
the search engines.

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Optimize your website for Mobile-First today!

We are ready and eager to help you get started. Please feel free to contact us.