Polling on Phones with voice recognition, best in class recordings , detailed reports with dashboard

Phone Polling is the easiest and fastest way to find out what your audience is thinking. With our detailed reports you can analysis polling responses on our dashboard. 

    • Using futuristic technology to recognize the voice so users can answer the surveys with their voice and our AI technology converts voice to text for reporting
    • IF this, do that , else do something. Our Surveys supports conditions based on users answers.  
    • Toll Free and Local mobile numbers from 80+ Countries are available to use
    • Track all your campaigns f rom single dashboard with detailed reporting
    • Send next campaign based on results from previous campaign with fully automation
    • Our AI technology verify all the data we use for campaigns and surveys

How it Works

1. Create Your Survey 

We will create your survey with questions.

2. Promote to the list you have created.

Promote your survey by sending an Phone message to millions of people. Include what the survey is about, how they can benefit, and what next steps to take.

3. Wait for Users’ Response

Users reply to the initial survey question with their response. Afterward, they’ll be greeted with a follow-up message that we can customize with a “thank-you” and/or reward.

Our Methodology

Delivering rock solid results through proven methodology.


We have decades of experience crafting automated surveys that are fast, accurate and high quality.


We have decades of experience crafting SMS surveys that are fast, accurate and high quality.