What is OpenGraph?

What is OpenGraph

An internet protocol known as Open Graph was originally created by Facebook to standardize the use of metadata to represent a webpage’s content on the web.

Within it, you provide can range from the title of a page to the length of a video. When combined, these details form a complete representation of each individual page of the website.

, What is Opengraph?
, What is Opengraph?

Why do I need it?

You usually create content for the internet with the idea of sharing it with others. That may not matter if you’re just sending it to one friend, but when on any social network or application with a rich preview, you’ll want it to be as effective as possible.

We spend a lot of time building and maintaining a website, how can we ensure our content stands out when shared on social feeds around the internet?

Opengraph will help encourage people to check out your content and inevitably click through to your content.

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