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Our Consumer Database was created to provide a range of information that is easily customizable to your marketing needs.

Target Consumers – Boost your marketing results.

With over 300 Million Consumers in our database, we allows you to refine your leads by choosing from hundreds of different selection criteria.Rescue My Business offers the highest quality consumer mailing lists in the industry. Our account executives can help you refine your search criteria, tailored to your specific marketing needs so you can reach your target market.

  • Geographical Location: You can select your consumer mailing lists by any territory you need. Select by state, county, metropolitan area (MSA), ZIP Code, radius around an address and, of course, the entire United States. This makes it easy to target your consumer market, in the locations where you know your customers reside.
  • Age: You can select your sales leads and mailing list target market by grouping age demographics. For example: you can narrow down your list by looking for consumers who are between the ages of 25-35. If you know your target demographic, this selection can be very helpful.
  • Income Level: You can select by appropriate income levels – that meet your businesses needs and match your businesses target demographic. For example, you can select consumers with annual income over $100,000 per year.
  • Home Value & Home Ownership: You can select your sales leads by home value range, such as consumers with home values between $250,000 and $500,000. Additionally, we offer the option to make selections to your consumer mailing list by length of time they have lived in their home. Thus giving you a better idea as to the equity they have invested into their home property.
  • Ethnicity: We offer multiple consumer mailing list and sales lead selections based on general ethnicity. This selection can be helpful for your target market or overall consumer demographic.
  • Hobbies: We  offers hundreds of consumer hobby selections. We can tailor your list to reach specific consumers who enjoy specialty hobbies. Some of those hobbies include golfers, pet owners, hunters, boat owners, RV owners & many more!
  • Health Conditions: We offer selections that are health condition related. These are consumers with specific healthcare needs. These selections include allergy sufferers, arthritis patients, mobility issues, cholesterol focused, diabetic and diabetes sufferers, disabled consumers, senior needs and specialty care and so many more.

Choose from hundreds of search criteria including:

Address ID

Individual Id

First Name

Middle Initial

Last Name

Surname Suffix

Title Of Respect

Primary Address

Secondary Address


Zip Code


County Code

County Name

City Name

Carrier Rroute






Dwelling Type

Ten Digit Phone

Estimatedin come code

Home Owner Probability Model

Length Of Residence

length Of Residence code

Number Of Persons Inliving Unit

Presence Of Children

Number Of Children

Person Gender

Person Date Of Birth year

Person Date Of Birth Month

Person Date Of Birthday

Occupation Group

Person Occupation

Ethnic Code

Language Code

Ethnic Group

Religion Code

His Panic Country Code

Business Owner

Ethnic Confidence Code

Number Of Adults

Generations In House hold

Presence Of Credit Card

Credit Rating


Investment Stock Securities

Net worth

Investing Active

Investments Personal

Investments Real Estate

Investments Foreign

Golf Enthusiasts





Religious Contributor

Political Contributor

Dona Testo Environmental Causes

Donates By Mail

Veteran In House Hold

Heavy Business Travelers


Animal Welfare Charitable Donation

Arts Or Cultural Charitable Donation

Children's Charitable Donation

Environment Or Wildlife Charitable Donation

Environmental Issues Charitable Donation

International Aid Charitable Donation

Political Charitable Donation

Political Conservative Charitable Donation

Political Liberal Charitable Donation

Veterans Charitable Donation

Charitable Donations Other

Community Charities

Single Parent

Christian Families


Other Pet Owner

African American Professionals

Travel Grouping


Travel Domestic

Travel International

Travel Cruise Vacations

Home Swimming Pool Indicator

Air Conditioning

Home Heat Indicator

Home Purchase Price

Home Purchase Price Code

Home Purchase Date Year

Home Purchase Date Month

Home Purchase Date Day

Home Year Built

Estimated Current Home Value Code

Mortgage Amount In Thousands

Mortgage Amount In Thousands Code

Mortgage Lender Name

Mortgage Lender Name Available

Mortgage Rate

Mortgage Rate Type

Mortgage Loan Type

Transaction Type

Deed Date Of Refinance Year

Deed Date Of Refinance Month

Deed Date Of Refinance Day

Refinance Amount In Thousands

Refinance Amount in Thousands Code

Refinance Lender Name

Refinance Lender Name Available

Refinance Rate Type

Refinance Loan Type

Most Recent Mortgage Amount 2nd

Purchase 2nd Mortgage Amount

Most Recent Mortgage Date 2nd

Purchase Mortgage Date

Most Recent Mortgage 2nd Loan Type Code

Purchase 2nd Mortgage Loan Type Code

Most Recent Lender Code

Most Recent 2nd Lender Code

Purchase Lender Code

Most Recent Lender Name 2nd

Purchase Lender Name

Most Recent Mortgage 2nd Interest Rate Type

Purchase 2nd Mortgage Interest Rate Type

Most Recent Mortgage Interest Rate

Most Recent Mortgage 2nd Interest Rate

Purchase 2nd Mortgage Interest Rate



Loan To Value



Opt Info 1

Opt Info 2

Opt Info 3

Cell Phone

Many More

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Our consumer lists give you access to the largest, most accurate and up-to-date information available. Customize the perfect residential consumer lists with dozens of selections such as age, income, home value, ethnicity, and geography. 

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