What is Page Experience? & Why is it important for your website?

Say hello to “Page Experience”

It’s good news first: Page Experience logically builds upon what Google has already shared with us. Pages need to be mobile-friendly, safe, and non-intrusive. So if you have your site in perfect SEO formatting you will be somewhat ahead of the game. But if your site is not 100% it may need much more work.

Google will apply that requirement differently in April 2021. Assuming your site is already mobile-friendly, safe and secure, we should prioritize speed. In the past, the slowest sites were penalized somewhat. But in 2021 and forward, the fastest sites will receive a premium indexing.

This is a subtle but important difference:

  • Until now, great content could rank well on Google, so long as the page experience wasn’t outright terrible. (This describes a lot of B2B websites – so B2B marketers, take note!)
  • From May 2021 on, great content will not win unless the experience is also great.


The question you should ask your web team is this: Is our site actually fast with an actively good experience?

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