How do I check my Page Experience?

How do I check my Page Experience?

The first thing you should do is pull up your Google Search Console. That’s the reporting tool that Google provides to website owners to tell them about their Google health.

To check Page Experience, go to Search Console. In the left-hand menu, choose “Core Web Vitals” from the “Enhancements” section. Hopefully, your report has lots of green, unlike this one:

, How do I check my Page Experience?

Don’t be in the Search Hall of Shame

Click the “Open Report” link for Mobile (it’s more important). Check the errors, and share them with your web engineer or agency. Search Console will provide at least one specific page per issue it finds on your site. That won’t be the only page with the problem, just a representative page. Any page sharing its template or content probably shares the problem.

The next thing you should do is check out Google PageSpeed Insights. Put in your home page and click “analyze”.

Then send it to your web developer or agency and ask them to explain it to you. If your scores are bad, don’t panic… you’re in good company:

, How do I check my Page Experience?
PageSpeed reports like this are actually quite common.

Don’t panic, but don’t ignore it, either. If you’re in the red, you need to act now. (Unless you’re Apple, I guess.)

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