What is Page Experience?
I need details!

What is Page Experience? I need details!

Google is famous for its secret algorithms, but it’s actually quite open about what we should do to succeed. Here are the five factors that, together, form Page Experience:

, What is Page Experience?

Page Experience includes all of:

  1. “Core Web Vitals” – Is your page fast and usable right away? (If you had to think about this, the answer is “no”.)
  2. Is your site Mobile First, Just having your site Mobile Responsive does not mean it is Mobile First.
  3. Safe Browsing – Only load scripts and assets from trusted sources, and keep your server security patches up to date. It is best to host with dedicated servers which have scheduled maintenance procedures.
  4. HTTPS – Does your site default to secure connections? Does it use HSTS?
    If yes and yes, you’re done here.
  5. Intrusive Interstitials – Just don’t do this. Ever get a pop-up that has dominated the entire screen on your mobile device. And you can’t press the little “x” because it’s too close to the screen’s edge. All that’s left to do is leave the site.

Pretty much every modern site is mobile-friendly, safe, secure, and has given up on the intrusive promotional overlays. So that just leaves page speed to worry about.

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