Analyze user behavior in ways never possible before

Collect the insight you need to fix the user experience and improve conversions. 

, PageSense Analytics

Your secret weapon to boost conversions

Rescue My Business PageSense records all of your website visitors sessions, so that you can make decisions based on all your data. With our tools you always know where to start your analysis. Easily find the sessions that had experienced frustration with your site, and get to fixing your site quickly.

Heatmap: Find activity hotspots

Rescue My Business PageSense helps you see how visitors interact with your website. Learn what grabs their attention and what distracts them, and get a look at complete visitor engagement details.

, PageSense Analytics
, PageSense Analytics

Scrollmap: How far down the page visitors scroll

Your visitors might be missing key content or a primary CTA because they aren’t reaching that part of the page. Use our scrollmap to see how far down the page your visitors scroll, and which folds drive the most conversions.