Analyze user behavior in ways never possible before

Collect the insight you need to fix the user experience and improve conversions. 

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Your secret weapon to boost conversions

Rescue My Business PageSense records all of your website visitors sessions, so that you can make decisions based on all your data. With our tools you always know where to start your analysis. Easily find the sessions that had experienced frustration with your site, and get to fixing your site quickly.

Heatmap: Find activity hotspots

Rescue My Business PageSense helps you see how visitors interact with your website. Learn what grabs their attention and what distracts them, and get a look at complete visitor engagement details.

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Scrollmap: How far down the page visitors scroll

Your visitors might be missing key content or a primary CTA because they aren’t reaching that part of the page. Use our scrollmap to see how far down the page your visitors scroll, and which folds drive the most conversions.

Attention map: Where do visitors spend the most time?

With our attention map, uncover areas of your website where your visitors spend the most and the least time.

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Features designed to increase your website conversions

Rescue My Business PageSense comes with a ton of features so you can keep tabs on what visitors do on your website, track and optimize elements that incite actions, and personalize every visitor’s experience to perfection.

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Flexible report segmentation

Filter reports to view the behavior of a specific set of visitors using our predefined segments, or create your own custom filter.

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Cross-platform tracking

Cover your bases. You can view your website’s heatmap across mobile, tablet, and desktop environments from a single window.

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A/B Testing

With PageSense, you don’t have to guess which website changes your visitors prefer or increase their chances of conversions: Just run an A/B test to find out.

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Split URL Testing

Changing a website’s layout altogether can make or break deals for you. So split the layouts into separate URLs and compare the performance.

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With PageSense, you can completely personalize a visitor’s website experience based on demographics, acquisition channels, past behavior, browsing pattern.

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Funnel Analysis

Define your visitor-to-customer journey by adding pages that contribute to this journey. See how many visitors travel from one step to another and identify the pages that cause the maximum dropoffs.

Analyze Your Data

Study visitor behavior. Optimize your website.

Session Recording

Get video playbacks of your visitors’ interactions with your website. See how they navigate through your website, what actions they perform on a page, the sequence they follow when browsing your website, and more.

Form Analytics

Forms play the most important role in lead generation and data collection. Using form analytics, see how visitors fill out a form on your page, fields they hesitate to fill, and fields that show them the exit gate, and then optimize your forms to increase the number of submissions. 

Push Notifications

Reach, engage, and re-engage your website visitors with relevant information. You can trigger notifications to re-target a visitor, share content they might find interesting, send feature announcements and transactional messages to users if they have opted in, and more.


Build beautiful and contextual pop-ups, slide-ins, and banners to engage your website visitors and turn them into customers. Pick a template from our library, specify your target audience, choose a trigger for your pop-ups, and voila!

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