, Sachin

Sachin Solanki

Bots Expert , Zoho Creator and Database Expert



ASP . PHP . MYSQL , Creator , MSSQL, Web Development , Bots



Bachelor’s Degree , Computer Science


Over 5  Years


I was trained as a Zoho creator (deluge script) developer, definitely you will be satisfy with my service. Not only creating script and also maintenance of your project will be done.

In Zoho creator, I also work in HTML page, dashboards, reports, embedding forms, reports, pages, email and SMS campaigns, invoice generation, customer portal, track project progress, pivot charts, and custom search.

PHP Web Development:

I have experience in working with every aspect of a web application. I will determine the technical requirements based on features of the application. I use the code structure which is friendly with further module implementations once the system gets ready along with top notch bug free code. I am very clear with concept of OOPS and Procedure Oriented Programming.

I always try to give more than the expectations of my clients. I believe in sincerity, honesty and quality output.

Licenses & Certifications

ASP.NET MVC 5 Essential Training (2018)

ASP.NET MVC is the tool of choice for building modern, dynamic, scalable websites. MVC 5 includes features that enable rapid, test-driven development. In this course, Mike Benkovich teaches the essentials of the ASP.NET MVC 5 framework. He explains what models, views, and controllers are and how data is passed between them. He shows how to secure applications with the ASP.NET

ASP.NET MVC 5 Identity: Authentication and Authorization

Authentication and authorization are core features of many modern apps. So why reinvent the wheel, forcing your users to create yet another login? Leveraging credentials from trusted platforms like Facebook and Google, you can save yourself precious development time and improve the user experience. 

Advanced SQL for Query Tuning and Performance Optimization

SQL queries can be fast and highly efficient, but they can also be slow and demand excessive CPU and memory resources. For many SQL programmers, occasional bouts with long-running queries and poor performance are simply par for the course.

Share Become a C# Developer

C# is Microsoft’s primary programming language, and is a key skill needed by all developers working with Microsoft tools. Whether you are new to programming or new to the Microsoft ecosystem, this learning path will give you the foundation you need for developing applications using Visual Studio and other key Microsoft tools.

Become an ASP.NET Developer

ASP.NET is a popular web framework developed by Microsoft. Get the skills to work with both client- and server-side technologies as an ASP.NET developer. This path requires basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, covered in the Become a Web Developer learning path, as well as basic fluency in C#.

Building Real-Time Web Apps with SignalR 2

Adding real-time functionality to your web applications can be tricky. SignalR is an open-source ASP.NET library that simplifies this process, making it easier for developers to build dynamic applications that provide users with real-time updates.